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The Mindfulness or Healing teaching, coaching and mentoring can be done online through Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Viber.
Or if you are in Paphos, Cyprus we can do it in our Center in Paphos.
I teach, coach and mentor on a 1 to 1 basis or to couples or groups.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student I guide and teach at all levels.

Learning from an experienced teacher can assist you in developing much faster.


Teaching, coaching, mentoring or guidance

  • 1 hour €50

  • 2 hours €80

  • Half day (3.5 hours) €95 (minimum 2 persons)

  • Full day (7 hours) €175 (minimum 2 persons)

  • 2 Full days (14 hours) €350 (minimum 2 persons)

Or you can bring a friend or family member and both of you will receive a 20% discount.



Call Michael mobile: (00357) 99447312

(Also Whatsapp and Viber)

Email: naturalhealingwellnesscenter@gmail.com


Find out more about the teacher Michael Stavrinides Click Here

You can choose the areas you want to learn and develop and these include.

  • Meditation (how to do it, how to stop thinking while meditating and much more...)

  • Mindfulness (living in the present moment)

  • Spiritual life coaching (all areas)

  • Energetic protection from negativity

  • How to deal with negative thinking and worrying

  • Dealing with stress and anxiety

  • How to stay calm while the world around you is falling apart.

  • How to have clarity and balance while going through difficult times and situations.

  • Learn how to connect and listen to your body

  • Learn how to listen to and develop your intuition

  • How to vibrate higher and stay balanced

  • How to create a healthy mind with gratitude and positive thinking

  • Learn how to listen to your guides and helpers and read the signs they are sending to you every day.

  • Learn how to stay on your path.

  • How to stay grounded and balanced

  • How to live in the “NOW” the present moment

  • Working with crystals and how they work and balance us.

  • The chakras, what are they? How does each chakra affect us and how to balance the chakras

  • How to live in gratitude and how to keep a daily gratitude journal.

  • Learn tools and techniques to deal with life’s ups and downs

  • All levels of Reiki either as a refresher course or advanced learning

  • Learn how to scan the body for imbalances and how to feel energy.

  • Learn Animal Reiki




About the teacher Michael Stavrinides

My spiritual journey properly started about 30 years ago when I was 20 years old and since then I have been experiencing, studying and teaching in all areas of mindfulness, meditation, spiritual development, Reiki, energy healing, stress management etc…


I have acquired a vast amount of experience and knowledge which has been vital in assisting me in my own life and in guiding and teaching my clients and students.

As a guide, coach, mentor and teacher my job is not just to relay the information, tools and techniques to you, it is to pass that information to you in a way that is best and easiest for you to fully understand and put in to practice.

I understand that everybody is an individual and everyone learns in different ways. Some learn better through watching videos, others through reading, others through listening to audio and debating topics.


My way of teaching covers all these areas, and I focus each time I teach on the way each individual person learns easiest, best and enjoys.

It is very important to me that you fully understand what I am teaching you, that is why I love and encourage you to ask questions throughout the learning session.

Find out more about the teacher Michael Stavrinides Click Here


All teaching sessions are in English and can be done online or at out center in Paphos, Cyprus.

For more information or to book a session.

Contact us or Call Michael mobile (00357) 99447312 (also whatsapp & viber)

Michael Stavrinides - Mindfulness teache

Address: Shops 3, Tombs of the Kings road No.15, 8046, Paphos, Cyprus

Mobile: (00357) 99447312  (Also Whatsapp & Viber)     Email: naturalhealingwellnesscenter@gmail.com

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